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"If a message could have leaked to free men from inside the camps, it would have been this:

do not to suffer in your homes what is inflicted on us here ”.

Primo Levi, If this is a man

They call it The Great Reset, they talked about it in Davos in June, at the World Economic Forum. This is supported by various international lobbies, fintech, Bill Gates with his ID2020, digitization of humans, his GAVI , through vaccinations for all humans, MSN, with the biometric data detection patent (see https: // economic scenarios .it / the-brand-of-the-beast-has-been-patented-by-microsoft / ) with human-mining cryptocurrency. Soros with the Bretton Woods II and the world digital currency . The Rockefeller Foundation which is promoting the experimentation of the common pass, a health passport that is also being tested in Switzerland and Canada, and soon everywhere.

But what exactly is it about? What is this reset?

It is the very old – as old as Methuselah – "tabula rasa" of Babylonian memory: in a debt money system, invented 5000 years ago with the creation of writing – honor to the recently deceased author David Graeber, who wrote Five Thousand Years of Debt – the debt currency, regularly, must be canceled – tabula rasa – because when the debt becomes unsustainable the debts of all citizens must be forgiven, otherwise they risk escaping the control of the organization of work. And so the Sumerobabilonians had a jubilee every 49 years.

But this initially. Then, with the passing of the centuries, this practice was abandoned for a more bloody and ruthless one: war. With the war, stranded debts are reset to zero and restructured for the benefit of the warmongering creditors who usually incite the two sides. With the war, the grands argentiers guarantee the loot and the debt for the reconstruction of the country for future generations, until the need to reset, caused by the circulating debt + interest returns: exponential increase, mathematically speaking. And the carousel starts again.

Even the plagues of the past have fulfilled that role of bringing down the banks of the Bardi and Peruzzi – after the bankruptcy of the Bonsignori bank – which had indebted the sovereigns of half the world, failures that also occurred with the complicity of the Venetians who withdrew gold from their deposits at the Florentine banks. Incidentally, the plague of 1349 came from China via the Silk Road, controlled by Mongols and Venetians. Just to make a parallel.

And today, when the world has reached the necessary debt reset, what are the grands argentiers, the Venetians of today, doing? With the help of a pandemic with disturbing and dubious outlines, coming from a Wuhan laboratory – inaugurated by France, funded by the EU, twinned with a laboratory in Frankfurt and part of WHO research programs – the aim is to eliminate the debt but in a very bloody and ruthless way: enslaving the whole of humanity with fintech. The excuse would be the covid vaccine, and the economic regime: communism. The Trojan horse? The universal income for everyone, or at least for almost everyone. The dissidents in the gulag . Indeed all between the lockdown and the fields before being able to "free" with the chip or quantum dots in the vaccine.

Speaking of the gulag, a hypothesis that is taking shape is taking shape. The official question from a Canadian deputy from Ontario tells us. Who asks the minister for explanations on the plan to build a network of detention and isolation camps in his province – but which concerns the whole country and the world iterates – then the microphone is cut at the best.

“In September, the federal government issued an Expression of Interest Notice for contractors to provide, build, and operate quarantine / isolation camps in all provinces and territories of Canada. But these isolation camps aren't just for people with covid, but for a whole host of other categories of people.

Surely the government is aware of the intention to build these isolation camps throughout the country and my question to the minister is: how many camps will be built and how many people does this government intend to detain in these camps? "

This is the first question from Randy Hillier, to which the premier of Ontario answers:

Answer: “It is true that when citizens leave the country and then return, the provinces and the federal government suggest that they self-isolate, this has been the practice and has been effective not only in Ontario but throughout the country. And we will make sure to redouble our efforts to secure the citizens of Ontario, Mr. Speaker. So if the honorable member refers to the fact that when a citizen leaves the province or the country he has to remain isolated for two weeks, on his return, I reply that it was a good practice and that it worked. This Chamber has also done the same thing since we returned. […] So we will do everything we can to ensure that these Chambers work and that Ontario citizens are secured. "

Response from Mr Hillier:

"Mr. Speaker, here is the tender specifications, and in this specification clear language is used to express that these fields can be used for a variety of people, who are not limited to travelers, indeed international travelers are not they are not even mentioned. It only speaks of "a broad category of people". I am sending you a copy of the specifications.

Hence, your government is negotiating and is aware of these plans to detain and isolate citizens and residents of our country and our province. Mr. Speaker, I ask the Prime Minister where these camps will be built, how many people will be detained and for what reasons people will be detained in these solitary confinement camps, and I would like the Premier to guarantee the people of Ontario … "

And here the microphone is abruptly cut off. CENSORSHIP.

And then again from Canada there is this second leak, which clarifies the question of the Ontario deputy with a sinister light.

It is a document describing a meeting in the Cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in which a second lockdown is expected, and detention camps for those who refuse. The information comes from an insider deputy, who is part of the Canadian Liberal Party and the information comes from a meeting on the Strategic Planning Committee from the Premier's Cabinet. "I do it for my children and everyone else, he says, for a better future."

While 30% of the Planning Committee were not satisfied with the government's policies and the direction taken by Canada, they were ignored by the other members of the Committee.

The roadmap issued by the Government of Canada Planning Committee is as follows:

  1. Progressively institute a second lockdown on a continuous basis first in the metropolis and then in the suburbs by November 2020
  2. accelerate construction of isolation / quarantine camps by December 2020
  3. the exponential increase in cases and deaths is expected by the end of November 2020
  4. a second complete and total lockdown much more severe than the first, for the end of December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021
  5. the reform and transformation of the unemployment benefit system for the transition to a universal income, planned for the first quarter of 2021
  6. Programming a Covid 19 virus mutation with another virus called Covid 21 that will lead to a third wave with a much higher infection and death rate for February 2021
  7. new hospitalization cases for Covid 19 and Covid 21 will exceed hospital capacity, for the first and second quarter of 2021
  8. Improved lockdown restrictions called third lockdown will be implemented with the total travel ban also between cities and countries, second quarter 2021
  9. The inclusion in the universal income project, for the second quarter of 2021
  10. The planned interruption of supply chains and stocks, with great economic instability, expected for the end of the second quarter of 2021
  11. Deployment of military personnel in metropolises and main roads to establish checkpoints and limit travel, in the third quarter of 2021

Parallel to this program, there was talk of an unparalleled economic transition in which to force citizens.

To compensate for the international economic collapse, the federal government will offer a debt, personal debt, loan, mortgage cut thanks to the IMF as part of the global debt reset program, in exchange citizens will lose their private property forever of any asset and must participate in the covid 19 and covid 21 vaccination program thanks to which they can travel even in full lockdown with a health pass for Canada. The same is true for all countries of the world.

Committee members asked who will own the confiscated assets, and what will happen to the lenders: the answer was only that the IMF's debt reset program will take care of all the details. Absolute nothing.

Other members wondered what will happen to citizens who refuse to participate in the IMF's World Debt Reset and the Health Pass, and the response was that the members of the Committee must come up with a plan to do everything possible to ensure that the refusal, and that goes in the interest of all citizens to participate.

Those who refuse will live indefinitely locked up, and those who refuse the World Debt Reset program will be considered a public health risk, and will be locked up forever if they do not accept the debt cancellation program.

This is what was released by a member of the Canadian Liberal Party who attended a meeting of the Canadian Government's Technical Programming Committee. This is the program for all countries around the world.

Any members who objected or asked questions were ignored.

When I told you that the point nobody wants to talk about is money, but that is what moves evil?

And that this is what must be reformed in the sense of cash, distribution, and not debt to third parties.

Now you know.

Nforcheri 26/10/2020


Is this leaked info really Trudeau's crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …

Canadian politician leaks new COVID lockdown plan and 'Great Reset' dictatorship – Australia is part of it

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