No to the vaccination passport: the WHO says so

The World Health Organization says people should not be required to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel abroad, warning that vaccine passports would isolate poorer countries where vaccinations are slower.

Dr Mike Ryan, who leads the WHO's emergency health program, said it was vital to record people who were vaccinated, but said that using that information to allow or prohibit a person from taking part in a normal life comes to present technically complex issues.

“This is a complex issue… There are ethical issues regarding fairness, we already have a huge problem with vaccine fairness around the world,” said Dr. Ryan in a virtual press conference from the WHO headquarters in Geneva.

“Imposing pre-travel vaccination certification requirements could introduce another level or such inequality.

“If you don't have access to a vaccine in the country, you will effectively be isolated as a country when vaccine passports come into play.

"So there are many, many, many problems."

However, the decision is only of a temporary nature because the WHO will reconsider the whole issue on April 15. On that occasion, the ethical, social and scientific data relating to vaccine passports will be considered.

In fact, many airlines and shipping companies will independently require vaccination certificates. Qantas and Delta have already stated this, both for domestic and international travel, and Carnival Cruises has announced that scheduled cruises will be vaccinated only. In the face of "Freedom of vaccination" …

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