North Korea: from zero to 350,000 in one month. Meanwhile, three missiles are launched …

COVID-19 has spread " explosively " in North Korea. "A fever whose cause has not been identified has spread explosively nationwide since the end of April," the Korean news agency reported, citing more than 350,000 cases with 6 confirmed deaths.

"On May 12 alone, about 18,000 people with fever have occurred nationwide and up to now up to 187,800 people have been isolated and treated," the report said. Six people died, one of whom tested positive for the BA.2 sub-variant of the highly contagious Omicron.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the country's disease control headquarters on Friday and criticized health officials, saying "the simultaneous spread of the fever with the capital area as a center shows that there is a vulnerable spot in the outbreak prevention system, ”KCNA reported. A very special admission for a country where everything works perfectly. Probably the cases were also present previously, only that it was ignored. Maybe the big fashion show on 25 April contributed to the spread.

North Korea had not reported any COVID-19 infection since the start of the pandemic until Thursday, when Kim led a meeting of Politburo officials and announced that the country was entering "maximum epidemic prevention" mode. emergency". So we can say that it went from zero to 350,000 in an instant.

Pyongyang has repeatedly turned down vaccine offers from China, Russia, and the COVAX global vaccine sharing program, and observers warn the country is not equipped to handle a COVID-19 outbreak. There is also a lack of medicines to treat the trivial symptoms of the Omicron version and a little bit of everything, from refrigerators to electric generators in the North Korean health system, is missing.

Meanwhile, in order not to get bored, Kim Jong -un launched three missiles yesterday in yet another missile test, the seventeenth since the beginning of the year. Other tests are also expected during President Biden's visit to Coread where he should also go to the demilitarized zone.

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