OCTOBER IS CLOSING AND THE OBAMAGATE WITH HIM: first revelations from the investigation by Prosecutor Barr


It was known that the Department of Justice led by Attorney Barr would have made public some documents relating to the Russiagate-Obamagate investigation, that is, the various attempts by the FBI and the diverted services to create false scandals and have the newly elected President Trump resigned. Prosecutor Durham is currently investigating these attempts at treason, who, as we know, also came to Italy to listen to the heads of the secret services.

Barr has now sent a letter to the senatorial commission chaired by Leslie Graham which lists and describes a series of documents related to these investigations and above all to the famous "Dossier Steele", a folder of false news which however authorized the FBI to initiate some investigations that later got National Security Adviser Flynn and others associated with Trump's entourage into trouble. What we learned is summarized below:

  • First, the main source for the Steele file was likely a Russian agent .
  • Second, in 2009 the FBI suspected that the primary source was a Russian agent and an active counterintelligence investigation had been conducted on this individual. That FBI investigation revealed that the primary primary source was suspected of providing information to the Russian embassy and was in contact with known Russian intelligence officers, and made cash offers to people connected to Obama administration officials to obtain confidential information. Incidentally, this source has been persistently searching for information on a particular US military ship. So a real spy.
  • Third, the information provided shows that in December 2016 the FBI was aware of the previous counterintelligence investigation into the origin and the source's ties to Russian intelligence services. However, the federal agency "Forgot" to notify the Special Prosecutor for Espionage Investigations (FISA) of the Russian origin of the Steele dossier, but continued to use it to seek warrants against Carter Page, then adviser for foreign relations of Trump. Indeed, investigators told the FISA court that the primary source was sincere and cooperative. Notably, the three FISA applications filed after December 2016 make no mention of the previous counterintelligence investigation against the primary sub-response and the last two FISA questions also misled the court about the results obtained from the primary sub-network interviews in January and March 2017. .

So the FBI lied to a federal court in order to pursue an investigation into Trump that was directly led by Putin's Russia. We could say that Obama collaborated with Russian sources to bring down Trump, all with the collaboration of the FBI and above all of the former deputy director McCabe. A nice scandal, and Mifsud has not yet been heard !!!

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