Our health doesn’t give a damn

The three positions on the pitch, if we are not mistaken, are these, in order of conformity and starting from the bottom:

  1. Covid is a non-lethal virus, but very dangerous because it risks sending the National Health System to forty-eight if it passes the tipping point (the point of no return);
  2. Covid is a virus like many others, with a now greatly reduced lethal charge, which they are taking advantage of to establish a police regime;
  3. Covid is a pathogen synthesized in the laboratory with the aim of giving the final crackdown on a New World Order.

Among those who sincerely concern themselves with the matter – and, believe me, they are very few compared to the mass annihilated by the pairing of the buffer-television – two mutually (and ferociously) hostile factions have created. One of them advocates thesis number one and is made up of subjects who consider themselves "good". The other spreads thesis number three and is made up of individuals who are considered "bad". Thesis number two was already haunted by many who then arrived at number three. But it begins to be frequented more and more often by the champions of thesis number one.

In all this chaos, however, there is at least one question certainly shared by the team of "bad guys" (supporter of thesis number three) on which the formation of the "good guys" (ultrà of thesis number one) could now converge. This is the idea according to which the increasingly stringent measures adopted with decrees by the country of bananas, and with a Peronist attitude, by our government would still be "justified" by the protection of health. This is a narrative that we can all renounce, whatever the opinion we have gained regarding the history of the pandemic.

Let's face it once and for all: health has nothing to do with it. And our politicians care about our health as much as the truth does our information system. If, in case, the disease killed at home or on the street without forcing citizens to resort to hospital treatment and the (too few) intensive care units, the State would certainly have adopted countermeasures, but not the Soviet diktats with which they are screwing the cap on the jar of our (increasingly small) freedoms. This is demonstrated by the fact that 485 people die of cancer every day, but we do not know that cigarettes have been banned. Just as there were, in 2019 alone, 3,173 deaths and 241,384 injuries in a road accident, but circulation has not been prohibited.

The state quietly tolerates these and many other things that are very harmful to our health. And the fact that health is not a priority is demonstrated by the brutal and indiscriminate cut of funds to the NHS in the last ten years. Ergo, that we are "good" or that we are "bad", we could still agree on one thing. And we should start repeating it until it gets into our heads: health in this game comes in like cabbages at a snack.

It is not the key to orient ourselves in the huge mess that exists. Here, at worst, they are taking advantage of a lethal disease to cancel the first fifty-four articles of the Constitution. At best, they just have a fucking fear that they'll blow the health system in their hands because they know they've reduced it to the gas pipe. The health of poor Christs – often ultra-eighty, pluri-pathological and too often cracked alone in the ward (thanks to the "providential" anti-Covid measures) – matters only to the good Lord. And to the next relatives.

Francesco Carraro

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