Putin: if you want more gas, approve Nord Stream 2. Germany has chained the EU to Russia

A week ago Vladimir Chizov, Putin's representative to the EU, made things very clear: to have more natural gas supplies , the EU would need to consider Russia as a "Partner" and not as an "Adversary".

Putin is sufficiently agreed that he does not want to appear as a blackmailer, but he certainly has his priorities. Gas exports to China, at least for now, could not compensate for a loss of market share in the European market, so it becomes necessary to close more rules than a high price of gas. To be precise:

  • first of all, the passage of the prices per “Spot” share to long-term contracts, so as to be able to repay the investments widely and discourage the European search for different energy or gas funds;
  • then the definitive homologation of Nord Stream 2, closing the game with Ukraine and Poland. This rumor was reported by Bloomberg very clearly: "We can't rush to the rescue just to make up for the mistakes we haven't made," Konstantin Kosachyov, one of the top pro-Kremlin legislators in the upper house of parliament, said in an interview. without specifying what Russia is looking for. “We are fulfilling all our contracts, all our obligations. All this in addition to this should be the subject of further voluntary and mutually beneficial agreements ”.

Mocking Europe, President Vladimir Putin hinted at an energy conference last week that Russia might offer more gas. But he also lamented the slow progress in gaining approval for Nord Stream 2, a process that could take until next year. German regulators are currently examining his certification application but have said their initial decision may only come in January, after which the European Commission should also give the green light.

"If we could increase deliveries through this route, it would substantially ease the strain on the European energy market," Putin said. "However, we cannot do it so far due to administrative barriers."

In other words, if Europe freezes this winter it has no one to blame but itself … and obviously the greenish lobby, the one headed by the socialist Timmermans, the greens and the liberal-greens of Macron, whose impact it has led to a collapse of traditional investments in fossil fuels and the decimation of Europe's energy infrastructure.

If Europe no longer gets gas, the problem will be colossal, and political: the various rulers of the satellite countries will soon find themselves facing masses enraged by the enormous gas bills. Russia has, however you want to see it, the knife on the side of the handle …

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