PUTIN INJECTS THE VACCINE SPUTNIK V. Meanwhile, lockdown and chaos in Europe

The US magazine Newsweek Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon inject the Russian anti-covid19 vaccine "Sputnik V".

Without specifying exactly when he would receive the vaccine, which was approved by government regulators in August, the president still gave his next trip to South Korea as the cutoff date for the injection. This revelation was reportedly made during a cordial telephone conversation with President Moon Jae-in in which the official visit was being prepared, which will take place on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Russia. Putin would have said openly that "He will take the vaccine before the flight". Given that the Russian authorities themselves, indeed the president himself, said that the vaccine can procure a mild flu state, it is to be expected that the injection will take place a few days before the meetings, to ensure that the side effects do not mark the meeting .

We recall that among the volunteers who tested the therapy there was the same daughter of Putin, but that, despite this, the vaccine remains controversial for the short period that was necessary for its approval. However, the government has announced that from October the vaccine will be available en masse, recommended, free, but not mandatory, and the first category to which it will be offered will be healthcare personnel. Meanwhile, in the West we dance between partial and total lockdowns and countries that reach new infection records, waiting for Big Pharma to give us a "More reliable" vaccine …

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