QATAR “BEST ALLY” USA OUTSIDE NATO. (they are the ones who kicked Di Maio in Misurata)

Washington's ties to Qatar's tiny monarchy, rich in oil and natural gas, continue to tighten, especially given the vital role this country plays in hosting US forces.

Reuters now reports that "the United States hopes to move forward by naming Qatar as a" Major Non-NATO Ally, "a status that provides foreign nations with advantages in defense supply and security cooperation," a senior official said Thursday. US ".

US Deputy Secretary of State for Persian Gulf Affairs Timothy Lenderking told reporters later this week: "We will go forward, hopefully, designating Qatar as a 'Important non-NATO ally'."

This is also in the wake of the historic Israeli peace agreement and the "normalization of ties" with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, although Israel has contested US plans to sell the F-35 stealth fighter to the United Arab Emirates.

We also recall that Qatar has played an important role in the efforts of the United States and Saudi Arabia in Syria by hosting a "rebel" training camp allegedly run by US special forces soldiers in the Qatari desert. A 2014 Reuters article quoted the following :

"The United States wanted to help the rebels oust Assad but they didn't want to be open about their support, so training the rebels in Qatar is a good idea, the problem is that the scale is too small," a Western source said in Doha.

At the same time, Qatar had very mixed relations with Saudi Arabia, which for a certain period had even closed its borders, also due to its excellent relations with Turkey. After all, the former Italian base of Misrata, in Libya, was entrusted to Turks and Qatarioti, so whoever gave Di maio a resounding kick in the seat will also be those who, perhaps, will eventually have the same F35s of the Italian aviation.

Meanwhile our 18 sailors are still prisoners of Haftar and both Di Maio and Guerini do not care quite openly. The question that every Italian "Savvy" should ask himself and that he wants to cut the deputies to save: what is the use of the largest marina in the Mediterranean if there are only inept people in government? To sink the state budget …

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