RESIGNATION? YES, BUT FOR WHAT? Conte goes up to the Quirinale. Re-appointment or new government?

It seems that in half an hour Conte will go up to the quirinale to resign, since he does not seem to have the numbers to go forward in the Senate and to have the work of the Minister of Justice Bonafede approved.

The possible alternatives are:

  • he resigned to the Senate and announces it to the President of the Republic;
  • he already has a half majority in his pocket with the so-called “Managers”, so he will require some sort of pre-assignment to conduct consultations towards a responsible PD + LeU + M5s + government;
  • he doesn't have the numbers, he announces it, and Mattarella holds the consultations, according to the normal method. He will try to recover the relationship with Italia Viva and we will probably also have a new Prime Minister.

All this, following Conte's usual disrespectful and superficial schemes, could also slip into tomorrow morning, because the Foggia lawyer, as always, will try to plot “With the favor of darkness”.

Since it is all the game of the palace, of intrigues and congregations, Italians are required to be spectators only, among other things also kept at a safe distance. There is Covid-19 and staying close to power could also lead to falling in love with democracy and therefore to wanting a group of rulers who express the majority of the population. This is unacceptable to the powers that be, who fear going home en masse. They will remain hooked to power until the edge of the revolution. But they will do everything to not let us vote.

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