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Restrictions on personal freedoms, who will save us this time?

Personal and democratic freedoms in danger: origins, causes, responsible and to whom it is up to free us.
Today millions of Italians are aware of the issue of limitations on personal freedoms. True or presumed to be, they feel them present and close in their daily life.
This is a
good thing because somehow sees an awareness, as everything comes too late.

We are all unaware, however, that we have reached this point after decades of preparation and small steps towards this state of affairs to please the various Amazon, Khol first and Merkel then after various steps, the global market and so on.

A problem that does not arise today

Almost all Italians have scoffed at each of these small steps that have increasingly limited democratic freedoms. The Italians have preferred to deal with football, reality shows, civil rights of pure democratic cosmetics.
We reached the climax when you threw yourself into the controversy over the use of pronouns, a fascist drift contrasted with sardines, while ignoring the fascists who brought us this far – carried in triumph by yourself and also with the pomp of polls ( Mario Draghi, Matteo Renzi, Enrico Letta, Giggino Di Maio & C., Draghi) and not those pointed out today.
Each of these small steps was a transfer of real rights and freedoms, such as that of a decent salary, a contract that allowed us to plan for the future , to spend Saturdays and Sundays with the family, to enjoy free time, etc. . it would need enormous efforts by masses greater than those in the square today to take the opposite path one step at a time.
And like all times when the star has ended up in the mud, we don't have the time and energy for such an effort.
You want the solution dropped from some stage in the square.
Better if someone else does it instead of us.
Because – once again – we expect that a certain number of manifestations may be enough to dissolve their / our curse.
This is the reason why all these movements will soon be infiltrated by external powers and above all by adventurers without art, nor part, grillini style, in search of political careers with which to replace their unemployment.

strikes of 15 October 2021 in defense of democratic and co-institutional freedoms

These small steps have not gone unnoticed. They are not the result of plots hatched in the darkness, but they are irreversible steps (mark this adjective).


Easy explained economics book

awards and prizes to the easy explained economics book

We all know these steps very well, because they have repeated it to us dozens of times, at each appointment with an extra restriction and each of these times we have ACCEPTED to be squeezed into an ever tighter enclosure in exchange for the under-cost advantages offered by the global market. , from Netflix, from Amazon …
Be careful locally, because you know very well what I'm talking about and you know just as well that you have never given a stick of freedom. And every time they asked you, you answered yes.
Not only; you laughed at the few (really a few hundred in all of Italy) who fought to try to wake you up. Then you superimposed them on the Salvinis and the Orbans on duty, because that's how they told you to make newspapers and TV.

You have made fun of the pioneers of the defense of democratic freedoms and now?

You called them in a derogatory tone sovereignists, mixing them with fascists (always the wrong ones), without knowing what you were talking about, as if sovereignty was a phenomenon of the right, because what was important at that moment was to feel superior to someone and to have an enemy to spit on, right? And how much you laughed on social media, in party chats, at the bar and above all in front of the television.
Now the urge has passed but you have the problem that you cannot connect the dots.
I know, don't you think of anything? OK, so I'll give you a clue …
Does the concept of small transfers of sovereignty tell you anything ?

The solution lies in the ability and willingness to recover lost ground; not to free ourselves, but for freedom itself.
We cannot ignore the hard work on ourselves and on studying, above all.
As in the most recent history of our civilization, a savior of the homeland will not be in our interest.
No superhero will come to free us because we all feel united by a divine destiny.

it doesn't matter that the rules are stupid ...

it doesn't matter that the rules are stupid …

Roll up your sleeves and study, otherwise you will feed the carcass of our democracy to another handful of uneducated runaways.
Other honest scammers with a bag full of ambition and an empty checking account to fill.

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