Rinaldi: “They are unable to spend 1.4 billion on health care, and they are talking about the 37 billion of the ESM !!”

Speech by Antonio Maria Rinaldi on Facebook after his television speech in Dritto and Rovescio. Here, however, we are talking about spending on health and MES. In May, the government had allocated 1.42 billion euros for the new resuscitation wards, precisely to cope with the possible second wave.

How much of this money was spent? A nice ZERO, nothing. The result is that the second wave arrived in his underwear. But there is also another fact, even worse: what is the use of the 37 billion of the sanitary MES, when the government has not been able to spend even 1.42? therefore we do not need money from the ESM, but a more capable government that thinks about the good of the Italians, not that of their friends.

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