Ronald Raegan: because genius is also, if not only, improvisation

There was a time, before there were the various Travagli, and that Conte did not speak for hours without saying anything, in which political debates were brutal and precise, but also left room for burning and brilliant jokes.

We are in 1984, another geological era, before the microphone and live thoughts and so much vulgarity. Ronald Raegan, former president, challenges Walter Mondale, the Democratic challenger, and the usual TV debates are held in front of a live audience. Raegan is 73 years old, the oldest US president, the world is 17 years younger.

In the debate it's up to a journalist to ask the question, Bill Trewhitt … but let's see the transcription of the jokes:

Mr. Trewhitt your question to the president

Trewhitt : Mr President, I want to raise an issue that I think has been lurking for two or three weeks:
specifically, in terms of national security, you are already the oldest president in history and some of your staff say you were tired after your most recent meeting with Mr. Mondale. I remember that President Kennedy had to go on for days and days with very little are during the Cuban missile crisis.
Is there any doubt in his mind that he would not be able to be efficient under such circumstances?

Raegan: Not at all mr. Trewhitt and I also want you to know that I will not make age an issue in this election campaign. I do NOT intend to exploit my opponent's young age and inexperience for political ends !

( laughter, also from Mondale, as well as from the audience )
If I still have time I would like to add, Mr. Trewhitt, I would like to add that Seneca or Cicero, I don't know which one, said these words: if it were not for the correction of the elderly for the errors of the young there would be no state.

With a joke and a quote, Raegan got out of the corner of a burning question, and set out to win the 1984 elections.

The video, trust me, is much better …

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