RSDL: the prison system where the Chinese disappeared end up

Imagine that in the middle of the night five or six people pick you up at your home and take you to an unknown place, where you will be in complete isolation, only with the guards, and interrogated for hours for an indefinite number of days, with no right to defense. , with the possibility of torture and humiliation, until you confess. This is the Chinese RSDL system

RSDL stands for Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location and is a system of prisons where one can legitimately be taken to China after being literally kidnapped from home, without knowing the charges, by plainclothes policemen. These prisons are veritable places of torture where you can be deprived of sleep or interrogated for hours in very uncomfortable positions. Often women are humiliated, stripped naked or forced not to wear underwear and the stay can last weeks or months, until confession.

The international human rights organization "Guardians of the Protection" published its latest report on June 21: "Incarceration: Residential Surveillance in a Secret Prison in a Designated Residence in China", which contains a large number of illustrations and photos , revealing in depth the "a designated place or residential surveillance". RSDL) ”the dark world. This is the first truly comprehensive report to portray the RSDL covert surveillance system through illustrations, satellite photos and sketches that show the treatment that takes place inside, exposing their true appearance.

The latest figures show that since 2013, the RSDL has accumulated nearly 60,000 casualties. This system, which has been condemned by the United Nations, is famously famous: it has been used against hundreds or even thousands of Chinese human rights defenders, including dissident artist Ai Weiwei, human rights lawyers Wang Yu and Wang Quanzhang. ; it has also been used against foreigners, notably Among the foreigners arrested by Chinese authorities for diplomatic purposes as hostages are Canadians Cumming Kai and Spaffer.

These facilities are different from police stations and detention centers. This makes it extremely difficult for it to obtain information on the screen and the location of these structures. The RSDL system is in the hands of the Chinese Ministry of State Security and is used for "crimes" involving national security and are often used to detain foreigners.

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