Russian soldiers have Americans retrofit to Syria

Over the weekend, a US military patrol in northeastern Syria was stopped by the Russian military and forced to return to where they came from. The United States has reportedly violated existing security agreements with Russia.

The video of the brief meeting posted by the Russian side shows the tense moment when Russian troops physically blocked the road while holding their rifles:

The Russian soldiers, with their typical blue striped shirts, were probably the special troops of the Spetsnaz. Both the United States and Russia have troops too close to each other in Syria and the patrols risk generating continuous clashes. To try to reduce possible conflicts, the parties have made several agreements to coordinate their patrols and prevent them from bumping into each other.

It works well, as far as it goes, but in this case the US didn't inform Russia in advance, so when the Russian forces ran into them, they complained that the US ignored the protocol with advance warning.

Patrolling the adjacent Kurdish areas means that the US maintains some ties with the Kurds, but with Russia and Turkey present in the same area, the matter becomes very complicated, especially if the US considers the previous agreements as optional. With the election of Biden there was then a return of troops to Syria, previously partially withdrawn by Trump in Iraq and Kurdistan. Fortunately, the soldiers on both sides do not have an easy trigger

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