Russians enter US air surveillance space. Growing tension

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has revealed that Russian planes have breached Alaska's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) twice in the past two days, according to a Twitter statement.

Alaska's NORAD has "detected, tracked and identified Russian surveillance aircraft that entered and operated within" the area off the coast of Alaska, according to an official statement posted on Twitter.

Pre-2020 interception involving F-22 and CF-18 and two Russian Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft entering Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone on March 9, 2020. Image: NORAD

Although ADIZ is not technically considered part of US airspace, it is an airspace over which the US requires aircraft identification and tracking in the interest of national security, which acts as a buffer before aircraft enter. in the national airspace proper.

In this regard, NORAD noted that "the Russian aircraft did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace".

It is important to note that this is the first time that NORAD has recorded a breach of a large Russian surveillance aircraft during the six-month ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, meaning it comes when tensions between Washington and Moscow have settled. dangerously increased. "The last time NORAD announced such a violation was in October 2021, when five Russian planes entered the area," T he Hill pointed out.

In the early summer, an incident occurred in which two Russian IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft approached Alaska. However, that type of aircraft was not considered a threat.

Russian planes entering this area usually cause NORAD to launch planes to monitor nearby foreign military planes and warn them. In the past few years, Russian long-range bombers have flown close to the Russian coast, alarming US defenses.

As recalled of past incidents, “ADIZ encompasses the United States and Canada, extending west of Alaska to cover the Semichi Islands, south of Russia. It is jointly defended by both countries and foreign planes cannot fly alone in ADIZ airspace without authorization ”. Yet the Russian planes did it.

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