Sadistic does not mean Strong. Why Draghi shouldn’t be the President of the Italians

This is an outlet, felt and necessary, after having seen and read the latest rules signed by him. However, we are not alone in doubting the political qualities of the PD

We know that Italians like the strong man in charge. But sadistic does not mean strong, as authoritarian does not mean authoritative, and being strong with the weak does not mean having the much-hyped balls, but it means being cynical who abuse their power, without scruples.

Strong means admitting your mistakes, apologizing and backing out. Not admitting them and relaunching them means being insecure, who are afraid of revealing their own littleness, who believe they are consolidating the ass-sucking narrative that the media have created about them: “a charismatic, respected, strong and competent man”. A charismatic man does not get caught with his hands in jam during press conferences saying: “The unvaccinated will die! They will kill! Only with the greenpass will you have the certainty of being among healthy and non-contagious people! ”: Unworthy hoax. A competent man does not start rattling off fake numbers like a TV tissue, after having let them pass by a Minister who has in the eyes of the desperation of someone who is not understanding a real chip and is thinking about what book he could write once sent to the cage , if the house of cards and lies should collapse. A competent man, if he does not know how to read and analyze data on his own, must know how to choose his collaborators on the basis of their intelligence and ability: not on the basis of their speed in knowing how to unload the barrels filled by their ineptitude. See tachipirina and watchful waiting: “It was just advice”.

By Marco Manfredini

Could he really be a “good banker”, someone who should go to a wedding with numbers, someone who doesn't see the bad data he is diligently passing off to Italians? Given that anyone, less a banker than him, even the housewife from Voghera (cit) has sgam on the fly as a supercazzola? Among all the delusional data (which still obtuse little characters repeat on TV) we draw one at random: Draghi dixit: "75% of intensive care units are occupied by No Vax"! "
Ed note: that day intensive care was 16% occupied. The 75% (assuming it is a true percentage) of 16% can be summarized as follows: "Intensive care is 12% occupied by unvaccinated". This was easy, come on. On the other hand, the difficult ones like calculating the deficit of countries like Greece, how do you solve them? By collapsing the state into the worst misery and putting it in debt for life for the next 150 generations, of course. The operation was successful but the patient died. “You are a handsome banker! An apostle! A saint! Long live our banker! " (semicit)

But let's get to the serious stuff and not its pathetic little shows for the kneeling press: let's talk about the new rules for the GREENPASS. The ingenious tool of repression is about to be abandoned by the UK, Scotland and Ireland. While other European countries such as Spain have never adopted it, not even in its basic form. "Why are we better!" In fact , Italy is currently the large European country with the highest death rate from Covid : 236.48 per hundred thousand inhabitants, compared to 194.57 in Spain without a green pass and 229.99 in the United Kingdom. The same with the Israeli Minister of Finance stated that the green pass is a measure that turned out to be "without any medical and epidemiological logic" .

So what does the handsome banker, apostle and saint do? It strengthens it. It strengthens it in order to literally persecute that 10% who do not want to bend to vaccines. Sadistically, without logic. Vaccines compulsory for the over 50, penalties for the evaders, and from February 1st, in addition to a myriad of places where the unvaccinated will no longer be able to enter (remember that it is novax even those who have ONLY two doses of vaccine, and from March even millions of people who have done the booster for more than 120 days), the impossibility of getting on public transport (those who are more affluent and car-driven can give a damn), of entering post offices to collect their pension (luckily all eighty-year-olds are very skilled with home banking operations from a PC), renew their passport (kidnapping?) and … listen, behold, to be able to access funeral homes: the deceased loved one can be kept in the dining room until the end of restrictions . For all the other "non-essential" shops that are no longer accessible to non-greeenpassers, what to say: Amazon sincerely thanks. This exquisite strategy, worthy of a superior mind, closely resembles that of Albertone when he said: “Macarone novax, did you provoke me? And I me you great ". It reminds me personally of one of those gags where the uncoordinated one with a shovel tries to squash a mosquito, failing and devastating the glassware of the house.

So dear Draghi, who hypocritically defined yourself "… a grandfather at the service of the institutions, my personal destinies do not count" (and instead you are interested in going to the Quirinale, dear grandfather), I summarize why you shouldn't become our President: why you are not empathetic, because you do not care about how people really are, because you have reduced citizens to despair, because you do not respect their choices, because you are just a self-referential bluff, because you surround yourself with incapable ones, because you do not know how to apologize , because you have brought the Italian economy to its knees, because you are just wasting money that we will repay with interest to patch up the craters that you yourself have created in the fragile companies of the people: here is the tip, the refreshments.

You will probably become President of the Republic, of course. Not chosen by the Italians, as you want us to believe with the fake polls waved to the 4 winds. Certainly not the majority of Italians. For the umpteenth time we will suffer choices that are not ours, because you are comfortable with certain politics, and certain lobbies. But don't hope to like us. Dear grandpa, what a big mouth you have, and what long teeth….

PS: Dear Draghi, prudently what I think of you, I told you today: if you were to become President of the Republic, the objective description of your ignorance would become a criminal offense.

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