Solar panels printed on steel roofs: the next affordable solution for photovoltaics

Soon the solar revolution could become not only widespread, but also available at very affordable prices, through the construction of a steel roof covering on which a solar panel was printed in peroskivite, the material of synthetic origin with known photovoltaic capabilities.

Last week, Tata Steel drew attention to its collaboration with the University of Swansea for the construction of solar roofs. The school and the company recently signed a new memorandum of understanding aimed at expanding the concept of “Active Buildings” for integrated photovoltaics in buildings.

Under the MoU, Tata and Swansea will evaluate different types of steel products that could host perovskite solar cells as part of the STRIPS / Tata Steel Industrial Acceleration program.

This project wants to make use of Rapid Alloy Prototyping, that is the ability to quickly produce multilayer prototypes through the creation of computer models and the immediate processing of small batches of 20 or 30 kg at the test level.

The goal is to obtain solar cells printed on steel, modular, easy to assemble on the roofs and with very low production costs, in order to favor a wide application.

"Solar roofs would allow buildings to generate, store and release their own secure supply of electricity," they add. "The goal of the new research is to further explore the potential of this technology and accelerate the transformation process into products for the industry."

The company has focused on the potential of silicon perovskite technology to intervene where conventional silicon solar cells are impractical or too expensive. Specifically, a perovskite solar cell solution could be screen printed directly onto coated steel.

Tata also points out that perovskite solar cells can be produced locally and that the manufacturing process involves a lower carbon footprint than producing conventional solar cells.

The product will obviously not be immediately available, but Tata's commitment guarantees almost unlimited funds as well as considerable know-how in the metallurgical sector. the prospects for a rapid evolution are therefore excellent.

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