Stanford Professor: Historians will see the Lockdown as the worst mistake in medical history

Stanford University medicine professor Jay Bhattacharya says that in the years to come, lockdowns will be considered the most catastrophically damaging policy in " all the history of the world ".

Speaking on the London Telegraph podcast "Planet Normal", Bhattacharya noted that government science advisors "stick to" the blocking policy despite the total "failure of this strategy".

" I think future historians will look back on this and say this was the single biggest public health blunder, perhaps in all of history, in terms of the extent of the damage it caused, " Bhattacharya said.

The epidemiologist added: " Every single poor person on the face of the earth has suffered some damage, sometimes catastrophic, from this blockade policy ".

Almost from the start, the blockade would have had huge collateral consequences, things that are sometimes hard to see but are still real, ” Bhattacharya added.

He further noted that severe mental and physical illnesses were essentially ignored and "we closed our eyes because we were so scared of the virus and so in love with this idea that blocking could stop the virus."

Bhattacharya is one of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which received thousands of signatures from medical scientists and public health experts who judged the strict segregations imposed by various governments as devastating to public health due to the deterioration in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the decline in preventive screening for cancer and general pathologies. This period of closure will be paid for by increased mortality for years to come, which will not end immediately.

This large group of scientists aims to maintain segregation measures only in particular cases or for major events, but it has never been heard by governments that have relied only on the most restrictive views. This is because governments still had to show that they were "taking action"; even when this action proved harmful.

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