Stellar fuel prices are a part of Biden’s “incredible green transition”

Joe Biden leaked the truth about exorbitant fuel prices yesterday, stating to reporters at a press conference in Tokyo that inaccessible gas prices in the US are part of a deliberate "transition" to green energy.

For those wishing to hear the President's words directly, here is the short video.

Struggling to speak coherently, Biden said, " As far as gas prices are concerned, we're going through an incredible transition that, God willing, when it's over we'll be stronger, when it's over. "

So suddenly Vladimir Putin is no longer to blame for the high prices of fuel and oil in the world, but the responsibility, as easily predictable, lies with the ecological transition. After all, those who follow Scenari know very well the responsibility they had from

All this, however, goes against the tide with the activity of a President who then frees 180 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves, increasingly scarce, to try to control fuel prices. In reality, what reigns is a great, contradictory, confusion: oil companies are punished, but, for a trivial mistake, no new extraction concessions are given. So the crisis is not due to Putin, but is directly caused by Western governments. It's not a casuality.

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