Stop5G demonstration of 12 September: intervention by Tiziana Alterio

Tiziana Alterio spoke at the stop 5g alliance manifestation on 12 September in Rome, presented by Fabio Frabetti with the participation of Sara Cunial (mixed group deputy), Paolo Maddalena (emeritus president of the Constitutional Court), Ugo Mattei (president of the Committee for Defense of Public and Common Goods Stefano Rodotà), Mauro Scardovelli (president emeritus of UniAleph), Enrico Montesano, Senator Saverio De Bonis and many others:

Dr. Tonia Di Giovacchino , biologist, Stop 5G Abruzzo

Luciano Chiappa , publicist, writer, Stop 5G Marche

Dr. Ferdinando Laghi , doctor, president of ISDE International

Avv. Giuseppe Cannizzo , lawyer, Stop 5G Sicily

Prof. Annalisa Buccieri , School Observatory of the Italian Stop 5G Alliance

Franca Biglio , Mayor of Marsaglia (Cuneo), president of ANPCI

Dr. Debora Cuini , doctor, Stop 5G Marche

Enrico Montesano , actor, artist

Our Voice , young artists

Dr. Anna Rita Iannetti , doctor, 3V Movement

Prof. Giuliana Conforto , astrophysics

Dott. Marco Pizzuti writer, scientific researcher

Dr. Tiziana Alterio , journalist, March for Liberation Committee

On. Davide Barillari , Councilor of the Lazio Region

Hon. Sara Cunial , parliamentarian of the Republic

Dr. Maurizio Martucci , national spokesman for the Italian Stop 5G Alliance

The event was presented and conducted by journalists Fabio Frabetti and Margherita Furlan .

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