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SURVEY: Von Der Leyen’s proposal on immigration is useful. VOTE AND SHARE

Von Der Leyen's meeting with Giorgia Meloni and the President of the European Commission Von Der Leyen generated a 10-point plan for the Commission to be able to resolve the problem of illegal immigration which reaches Italy mainly via Lampedusa.

Here are the 10 points as reported by ANSA:

* 1) Concrete support to Italy through Frontex, the asylum agency and other entities, to address the crisis by welcoming, registering and identifying migrants arriving on the island.

* 2) Intensification of EU efforts to transfer migrants from Lampedusa to other destinations, urging member countries to activate the voluntary solidarity mechanism to welcome them.

* 3) Support of Frontex structures for repatriations and intensification, for this purpose, of relations with the countries of origin.

* 4) Increase in actions to fight against traffickers also through strengthening legislation and greater collaboration with countries of origin and transit.

* 5) Intensification of air and naval surveillance through Frontex but also evaluating the possibility, as requested by Italy, of new Sophia-type naval missions.

* 6) Concrete actions against traffickers' logistics, i.e. ensuring that boats used for human trafficking are seized and destroyed.

* 7) The staff of the EU Asylum Agency will work alongside and help the Italian authorities in order to speed up the examination of the applications presented by migrants by rejecting unfounded ones and sending those who presented them back to their countries of origin.

* 8) Offer valid alternatives to illegal routes through the strengthening of humanitarian corridors, "the most effective measure – underlined von der Leyen – to counter the lies of traffickers and break the vicious circle" that has been created.

* 9) Strengthen collaboration with UN agencies (UNHCR and IOM) to always guarantee the protection of migrants even during assisted returns.

* 10) Arrive as soon as possible with Tunisia, as part of the implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed last July, to the definition of new projects for the fight against illegal trafficking of migrants and thus arrive at the release of the funds made available from the EU.

Now we ask you to express your opinion on the effectiveness of these European proposals to the Italian government. If you want to add comments then


Effectiveness 10 points against illegal immigration offered by Von Der Leyen

In your opinion, how effective will the 10 points proposed by Commission President Von Der Leyen be to combat the illegal immigration that engulfs Lampedusa?

Very Effective
Partially effective
Not very effective
Harmful, they will increase migrants
I don't know

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