Tesla inexplicably blocks orders for the base Model Y

After being promised as the "Crossover of the Future," Tesla's Model Y must have trouble if, as Yahoo Finance has quietly claimed, the parent company has ceased taking orders for the new US model.

Prices had become so variable that, even for Electrek's experts , they were "becoming difficult to follow." This strong volatility, to be bad, could be caused by the fact that the company is led by a CEO who smokes, and little tobacco, plays Fornite, who thinks about pumping Dogecoin,, we don't have to be bad and, anyway, it has l support of its Board of Directors.

At the moment, the only Y model available for sale in the US is the $ 48,990 long-haul all-wheel drive version, making it the most expensive long-range, four-wheel drive version. According to Electrotek, Elon Musk actually never liked the idea of ​​selling a Tesla at a low price like the version with only 320 km of range and two-wheel drive.

the attempt to contain the price of the Model Y had led to many complaints about the poor quality of the assemblies, with parts that did not match or fit together:

Even a customer was given the car in which the rear seats were not connected to the frame, but were detached….

Price competition seems unsuitable for a company like Tesla, and in this Elon Musk is right to want to keep out of it as long as possible. But you can't avoid competitors forever.

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