Tesla: no Cybertruck until 2023. Another delay.

It is now official: no Tesla Cybertruck until, at least, the first quarter of 2023. What was until now a suspect has become a reality with an official statement. It was noted yesterday that Tesla had removed the 2022 production date for the Cybertruck from the company's website. The electric car company's website previously said "You will be able to complete your setup as production approaches in 2022" and now states, "You will be able to complete your setup as production approaches."

Already in 2021 it was understood that something was wrong because by now Tesla was delaying the Cybertruck at the "end of 2022". Now it looks like that program may still be too aggressive.

In reality we shouldn't be too surprised by the delay in deliveries of the Cybertruck given that news of this kind has been chasing each other on the web for some time. It was first mentioned last year by the Tesla Electrek blog, which was even forced to note that even though the vehicle, "once considered potentially the first on the market", is "now overdue".

Meanwhile, competitors like Ford's F-150 Lightning continue to garner significant attention and, more importantly, are actually about to exist. Not only that, in March the deliveries of the pick up of Tesla's direct competitor, Rivian, should begin, for which, despite everything, no news of postponement has yet arrived.

Tesla "only recently" completed the detailed, industrialized design of the vehicle, says a September 2021 report. The report also noted that in August 2021 Tesla had confirmed that it would begin production in Austin after the Model Y line started. .

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