The best electric scooters

Electric scooters are innovative vehicles capable of traveling long and medium distances without consuming energy

  • These are economic means that, in the long term, allow you to save large amounts of money
  • Their foldable designs make them perfect for convenient storage in small spaces


Summer is approaching, and getting a scooter to go to the beach becomes a solution that attracts thousands and thousands of consumers all over the world. With global warming and the problems caused by pollution in the world, on the other hand, using ecological means can make the difference to safeguard the planet .

Among other things, these two-wheeled vehicles guarantee reduced energy consumption which, in the long term, also saves huge sums of money. Furthermore, electric scooters are particularly comfortable for navigating through city traffic and avoiding being late for work .

They are often used in small urban centers, and can also circulate in restricted traffic areas , allowing you to take many shortcuts and arrive at your destination sooner. Logically, blazing speeds cannot be expected, but they are still powerful enough to cover long distances in no time.

The most interesting thing, moreover, is that the selling prices are significantly lower than those of a large scooter or a vehicle powered by petrol or diesel. In fact, there are particularly compact models accessible with just 300 or 400 euros , perfect for those who do not have great needs but still want to take advantage of the convenience of a two-wheeled vehicle.

To get an overview of the models available on the market, using sites like can be of great help. As price comparators affiliated with hundreds of platforms like Amazon, you can find the best deals at truly affordable prices .

Before discovering together which are the most popular of the moment, let's discover together how these cutting-edge and super ecological vehicles work.

What is an electric scooter?

Before understanding what exactly an electric scooter is, it should be understood that there are two distinct and separate types: electric motorcycles and electric scooters . The former, as the name suggests, are exactly the same as combustion motorcycles.

They consist of two wheels, a saddle, a handlebar, an odometer and possibly a trunk. Obviously, under the chassis there is an engine which, in this case, is totally electric .

The latter, on the other hand, are the same as the classic scooters, but differ in some details that make the difference. First, they are slightly larger, and have a higher positioned handlebar than a traditional model.

In addition, they have both manual and foot- operated brakes. The latter are placed on the rear wheel, and are distinguished by their extreme sensitivity. As for motorbikes, even the scooters are powered by a full-electric motor that allows you to maneuver easily in traffic.

Even the efforts are minimal, because you will not have to push yourself with your feet as happens with traditional means. In particular, electric scooters are widespread in large cities and can often be rented for short periods of time through special applications that can be used on smartphones .

The operation of this type of motors is very simple. In simple terms, there are two magnets, the stator and the rotor, which attract and repel . When they are attracted, the rotor begins to turn and, being tied to an axis, it is possible to transform electrical energy into mechanics, making the scooter move.

Through this simple principle, huge amounts of fuel can be saved while contributing to the health of the planet.

The advantages of an electric scooter

As it is easy to guess, the advantages of an electric scooter are many, especially when compared with a traditional engine. In particular, a very small number of parts are put into motion, saving numerous production processes .

The power is used almost in full, as the clutches and mechanical movements are reduced. Hence, a lot less power is wasted if we think that a mechanical engine needs more clutches . Also, try to think about oil changes.

How many times does it happen, in a conventional car or scooter, to have to change the oil, gasoline and other fluids necessary for the operation of the means of transport? Certainly several times a year. Well, with an electric scooter you don't need to have any fluid , so you will never see fluid leaks.

Again, an electric motor does not need to cool down over a long period of time, like a mechanical motor does. This is because, being absent from liquids and mechanical processes , the engine does not overheat even if it is used intensively. So, even if you drive it for several hours, you don't necessarily have to let it "rest" for a few minutes before turning it back on.

Finally, of course, pollution is zero, as no combustion, explosions and fuel waste are carried out. This, consequently, makes them super quiet and perfect for moving around even in pedestrian areas without disturbing anyone, taking advantage of a powerful torque that can be obtained even if you are not at maximum revs.

What factors should be considered before buying an electric scooter?

Before buying an electric scooter, you should consider numerous factors which, when making your decision, could make a difference. In fact, it's not enough just to compare prices and buyer reviews.

First of all, you should identify your personal needs based on the characteristics of the identified model. Below, we will show you what are some of the most important features to evaluate, so you can be sure you are buying a high quality electric scooter.


Autonomy is undoubtedly the main feature to be evaluated, especially if your intent is to cover long distances with a single charge. Electric scooters, in fact, need to be recharged to function, rather than being refueled with fuel.

Generally, scooter-style scooters have a range that can range from 15 to 25 km on a single charge. This also allows you to get to neighboring areas if you live in a small town. There are not a few consumers who use this type of means to go to the beach or to run small errands in the city center.

The motorcycle-style ones, on the other hand, are more suitable for seniors who want to move freely and without too much difficulty, and can have a level of autonomy that exceeds 50-60 km . Logically, they are a bit bulkier, but they are still compact enough to park easily.

Charging times

It would not be very useful to have a great autonomy if the charging times are exaggerated. Many, in fact, prefer to have less autonomy but to be able to load the scooter in a short time. Generally speaking, an electric scooter takes at least 4 hours to return to 100% charge .

This, however, will depend a lot on its power and the type of battery installed inside it which, in most cases, are lithium-ion. There are also lead-acid batteries, especially in motorcycles, capable of guaranteeing greater autonomy but much slower charging times .

Power on

Generally, scooter-style electric scooters need a little manual push to turn on. This is because they take advantage of a movement called " assisted movement ". This, via your initial thrust, causes the engine to turn on automatically, helping you with a rather powerful thrust later on.

However, there are also more expensive models that can be turned on by simply pressing a button and, by pressing the accelerator, they start to move. Everything will depend on your personal tastes and your familiarity with the vehicle .


Design is also an aspect strictly linked to personal tastes. There are very compact models, made with lightweight but at the same time resistant materials . These are generally suitable for the most passionate who want to take home a long-lasting means of transport that can circulate even on complicated roads.

However, if you do not have large budgets you can always opt for cheap models which, however, are quite resistant. On the other hand, city centers are often well asphalted, although in some towns there may be pebbles that can damage, for example, the wheels of the scooter.

What are the best electric scooters?

There are really many models of electric scooters on the market. Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers, able to create cheap but at the same time high quality models. However, there are more expensive models with some additional features, such as those offered by houses like Cecotec .

Below, we will present a short list of those that are considered the most valid of the moment.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

As mentioned above, Xiaomi is one of the most popular manufacturers ever, especially for the value for money of their models. The Essential Scooter is perfect for both experts and beginners.

It stands out first of all for its minimalist design typical of Xiaomi , characterized by a folding system and a light and resistant aluminum alloy frame. Excellent for short trips, it offers a maximum range of 30 km, ideal for going to the beach or to villages adjacent to your city.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

The motor is a brushless type, with 250W of power that allow you to reach top speeds of 25 Km / h. In this way, you can travel great distances in a short time, without however risking fatal accidents.

It can also be driven on sloping roads, with a maximum level of 14%. So, even if you want to tackle an important climb, you won't have any problems, even if the terrain is unpaved. On the other hand, the tires are anti-skid and cushioned, so vibrations are minimized.

The whole is complemented by intuitive controls and a kinetic energy recovery system.

Cecotec Bongo Series Z

For more experienced riders, the Cecotec Bongo Z Series is certainly the most suitable. Characterized by a power of 1100 W, it can easily tackle climbs and reach top speeds of 25 km / h in record time.

The most appreciated aspect by those who bought it is undoubtedly the type of wheels mounted in the scooter. These, in fact, are completely anti-burst, so there is no need to worry about any pieces of glass or nails on your way. In addition, the autonomy is 45 km , one of the most remarkable on the market.

Cecotec Bongo Series Z

This, however, does not affect the charging times of the means of transport, which are between 5 and 6 hours to bring it to 100%. There is also an on-board computer with intuitive controls, ideal even for those who have never used such a scooter.

The traction is rear, so there is no risk that the wheels slip causing you to lose stability, also because there is a support base in resistant bamboo wood. Finally, you can choose between 3 driving modes, including Eco , to save even more energy.


The Veleco ZT15 is one of those electric scooters perfect for seniors who have a hard time getting around small urban centers. With 3 wheels to lean on, it guarantees unparalleled stability, ideal for those who want to always feel safe.

It comes already assembled, so it doesn't have to be assembled and you won't have to do any special configuration. Just take the keys, sit down, and you can immediately start driving it! Unlike scooters, this model guarantees an autonomy of 60 km , so you can also use it for several days in a row.


There are also two storage compartments designed specifically for doing small daily errands , such as shopping. While it may seem bulky, the dimensions are compact enough to easily store it in your own home staircase or small garage.

Finally, it is available in various colors including red, blue, and white .


We have briefly seen what electric scooters are and which are the most popular this year. As you could have guessed, these are very comfortable and particularly economical means of transport if compared to a traditional means of transport.

The most important thing, however, is that they allow you to safeguard the health of the environment, allowing you to save a lot of money on fuel. So, doing a little comparison, choosing the best one will now be very simple!

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