The commercial for the enlistment of the CIA: it makes half the world laugh

The CIA has decided to make a new commercial to push for enlistment, but it has done so in an awakened "Woke" version, as you can see from the official tweet of the Federal Agency

For non-English speakers, the video features this 36-year-old who describes herself as "" I'm a black woman, I'm a mom, I'm a cisgender millennial diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, "she says , while dramatic music dances. strings play in the background . "I am intersectional, but my existence is not an exercise of crosses in the squares ."

She continues " I did not sneak into the CIA ", continues the agent, who says he suffered from " impostor syndrome ". I would say the right syndrome for a spy.

My work has not been and is not a fluke or a slip. … I am educated, qualified and competent ".

Before putting the external comments, let's ask ourselves who wants to attract the CIA with this video: arrogant people, sure they know everything, perhaps knowing nothing, with ironclad certainties, devoid of irony, which is the exercise of intelligence, People in the end insecure, but who hide this insecurity behind their arrogance. Having an anxiety disorder is not the best when, perhaps, you have to make decisions that weigh on the lives of others. If James Bond existed, this woman, or cis-woman, would be his exact opposite.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted " Russia and China will love this spot "

" It is a national embarrassment that our universities teach to speak in this way, " said conservative author JD Vance.

"The CIA has made a commercial full of woke propaganda and the enemies of the US are overturning with laughter, " wrote Dinesh D'Souza,

A ridiculous situation, if these people didn't decide on people's lives.

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