The Commission’s vaccination policy fails, but no one talks about it. Here because..

More and more evidently, the Commission has failed: it concluded mega-galactic contracts with everyone and then failed to bring home the vaccines needed by European citizens. Not being enough, it puts a spanner in the works, through the EMA and through a useless but intrusive foreign policy, those countries that want to independently find the necessary drugs on international markets.

Despite this unsuccessful performance, which is now known throughout the world, the European news broadcasts have devoted relatively little space to the news. Normally a flop of this kind would have been the main news for months, with inquiries, searches, accusations, especially on general Italian TV, always looking for easy bones to bite and throw to the public. But this time you have not heard any tirades against Von Der Leyen in the national news.

Why? The explanation is provided by an article a couple of months ago from an authoritative and unsuspected source: the French newspaper Le Monde . In a rather clear article on the subject, the newspaper highlights how the editors of French TV receive a cash prize, kindly defined as “A variable part of the remuneration”, if they positively cover certain topics, such as diversity and…. the European Union. Practically journalists are paid to write well about the Commission and Europe, as well as about other issues which, in the French case, include the Overseas Territories and if they reach the "Information Objectives" then they get a monetary reward.

Obviously such programs also exist on Italian generalist TV, except that Italian journalists cover each other much better than French ones: You will not see in an Italian newspaper present the program of financial prizes of RAI. But remember that without money even the leaves of the trees do not move, in accordance with ethics and freedom of information.

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