The direct attack on RadioRadio. Those who do not comply are crushed

The attacks against RadioRadio continue . On the eve of the ballot, new accusations are leveled against the radio station. A mix of political attack on Michetti and the libertarian positions of the radio, among the very few voices of pluralism and who oppose finance. This has led the battleships of aligned information, those who want to control and influence the vote, to attack the free radio.

After the offensives directed against Enrico Michetti , candidate for mayor of the center right in Rome , the broadcaster that has given space to the lawyer's thought is now entering the crosshairs of the media cyclone. Accused of absurd anti-Semitic positions, through effective headlines with statements never released, the news organization has been the target of an ongoing campaign in the press . Yet RadioRadio gave space to Michetti well before the elections and this election campaign in Rome.

The objective, undeclared but evident in the latent intentions of the vitriolic ink, is to hit Radio Radio to discredit the political position of EnricoMichetti , closely linked to the broadcaster and in the running for the Capitol. The speaker Mimmo Politanò suffered the blows of this communication strategy . Even the geologist Mario Tozzi, who has always been an integral part of the radio, paid the price, forced to distance himself from a cryptic title of Repubblica, in which it was subtly said that he had distanced himself from RadioRadio.

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