The European Civil War on Vaccine Certificates. Who wants them and who doesn’t

The European Union is, for a change, divided. As Welt points out, we have countries that are pushing on the accelerator of the creation of vaccination certificates, such as Austria, Malta, Cyprus and Greece, and others that are pressing on the brake pedal, such as Germany, France and the Netherlands. At stake is the freedom of movement within the EU: only those who have the certificate will be able to move freely, while all the others will be forced to suffer restrictions.

If you notice the differentiation is between countries that are recipients, or transit, of strong tourist flows, while the most reluctant ones are precisely those from which these flows should come (Italy, obviously, not arriving from both fronts). If the tourist countries wish to combine flows and security, on the contrary those of departure would find themselves in the need to explain to their fellow citizens that they cannot travel for holidays to Rhodes, for example, because their country, or the Von der Leyen, is not were able to provide sufficient vaccines. Because the "Vaccination Passport" presents some problems:

  • it requires standardization of the format at European, if not global, level, and this takes time;
  • it makes sense if vaccination is a voluntary choice, but if vaccination is a privilege, it becomes just another status quo;
  • mainly the elderly would travel, because they are the ones who are receiving the vaccine now, but international tourism is mainly of families and young people;
  • if in a household a person is not vaccinated, what does he do, does he stay at home?

These are just some of the problems that the request for a vaccination passport raises. Eventually, traveling will likely take place with a mixture of passport and PCR or rapid test. In short, a summer full of tampons and syringes.

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