THE “FACT” WANTS TO FIRE THOSE WHO DO NOT VACCINE. The world of five-star media is beautiful

How does a newspaper impose its vision without making the "Editorial", which exposes it politically in a direct way? Simply interview some "Expert" who confirms the vision of the newspaper itself. They are not blogs, where you can directly say what you think without subterfuge.

So what does “Il Fatto Quotidiano” do, the most biased expression of Italian journalism? Interview Raffaele Guariniello who provides legal weapons to crush the little bit of freedom left and affirm that those who do not vaccinate can be fired by their employer.

You will say: "Why, there is the Constitution which, in article 32, states that" No one can be obliged to a specific health treatment except by law. " How does a proto overcome the Constitution? for work safety. According to Guariniello, if the vaccine is made available, the employer can force the employee to get vaccinated, otherwise he can de-job, put him to work remotely or, over time, even lay off. Practically Guariniello comes to make mandatory care equivalent with the rules that oblige you to put on a helmet or wear safety shoes. They are both the same for Guariniello.

We do not want to go into the depth of the constitutional discussion: the jurists of the sector are happy to leave it, but instead we would like to highlight how certain newspapers, especially those who are the interpreters of the Conte government, are now blatantly authoritarian and enemies of personal liberties. The Italian Century of the twenty-year period makes him a mustache. Any excuse is good for compressing personal freedoms, meaningless among other things, also because, in the end, it is a hypothetical case: thanks to the programming skills of Arcuri and the European Commission, there are no vaccines available around. .

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