THE FANS OF THE VIRUS (AND OF DEATH) – by Giuseppe Palma –

( ATTENTION! This article is deliberately provocative, but which offers ample space for reflection):

They increase! They increase! Close the discos! Put on the mask! Postpone the elections!

These are some of the cries of those who, since March, have been cheering to maintain the state of emergency and permanent terror. If you then point out to them that the situation is summarily under control, certainly better than other European countries, the answers all start in the same way: " yes, but there is also ", or " the elbow scientist said ".

Take a ride on facebook or twitter. Hundreds of profiles that share and rt any news that reports a worsening of the situation or anything – even the most questionable – that concerns even the slightest recovery of infections. A kind of fan for the virus, for death, towards a new lockdown.

The hope of returning to the couch and to the self- pity of unfortunate people, “ which fortunately we have Gonde in government, who wants to give us good “. That's more or less.

A plethora of death fans ready to have freedom and democracy uprooted , even in the absence of an emergency like that of March, in order to return to accuse – from the balcony of the house – the lonely runner on the beach or the boy who went out to give a kiss the girlfriend.

Most of them are people (many, to be honest) with guaranteed income or uncritical fans of this government or the yellow-red majority that supports it. The most avid are public employees who will benefit from smart-working until December, if not beyond.

The virus was supposed to unite us and instead, as I had already predicted, it made us more evil and selfish . I remember in April a boy of about thirty who on facebook invited the police to intercept a poor hairdresser who – in order to buy bread for his children – had gone to cut hair at a customer's home. Damn wickedness. Damn selfishness.

No longer Humanity at the center, but wickedness towards the alleged new infector . One against the other, the secured against the unsecured : this was the "great" success of the virus. Divide et impera.

Millions of workers who remained without income until July, with the March layoffs paid four months late, millions of VAT numbers with zero turnover from March to May, while on the other side the state guarantees – in relaxing smartworking – ready to moralize with a pointed finger : the tax evaders' fault, the government could not do more than this. This is the mantra, this is the cry of the guaranteed.

Yet it would be interesting, in the face of the continuous accusations made against the VAT authorities of being ugly and bad tax evaders, to go and see if the procedures for hiring certain State guaranteed persons were regular or if there was a friend, relative or the bribe (or even "only" the exchange vote) that facilitated the recruitment. It would be an interesting, very interesting investigation. Spitting in the sky, falls in your face.

But let's forget it.

Today, after two and a half months of semi-lethargy, the fans of the virus reappear, ready to drool death from the mouth and from the keyboards.

Everyone home, long live the government of slavery! Long live the permanent terror! Freedom is nothing if there is no health, the virus fans scream.

Yet I am convinced that, if in place of the Count bis there had been Count I or any center-right government, the same ones who have been rooting for the lockdown and for the limitations of personal freedom with simple Dpcm since March, they would have been the first to report the dictatorship, screaming against tyrants .

The virus first took the brains. Whoever denies the epidemic is an idiot, but whoever does not see the epidemic as an effective tool of power useful for limiting freedom and democracy, is a fool twice.

The right to health is a fundamental right, as defined by art. 32 of the Constitution. And God forbid! But it is no coincidence that the Constituent Fathers put personal freedom in art. 13, immediately after the fundamental principles, and the right to health only at 32.
The reasons are contained in the minutes of the preparatory work of the Constituent Assembly, which I have already written about in other articles, but there is also another reason, intuitive and common sense:

there is no health without freedom , otherwise our grandparents would not have given up their life, accepting to die, or to remain mutilated, accepting a life of hardship, just to give us health. They died to give us freedom! Yes, freedom .

In all this we have a government of scoundrels with no prospects, which even takes it out on the kids who go to the disco and hopes for the virus for its survival. The virus will be the main excuse to postpone regional elections , thus saving the status quo . Permanent state of therapeutic terror. Arm in arm the technical-scientific committee and the catwalk virologists , in search of visibility and power. Freedom and democracy are now sacrificial lambs.

Giuseppe PALMA

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