The French interior minister defines Italy as an “enemy country”. Have we reached this point?

In 1881 the French occupation of Tunis, also done with the astute implicit approval of Berlin and Vienna, brought Italian-French relations to the point of breaking, if not war, so much so that the Italian army feared an invasion of the peninsula and drew up plans on the matter.

Today we are in a similar situation, with the French interior minister Gérald Darmanin who, in parliament, responding to a deputy, bluntly defines Italy under the Meloni government as an "enemy country"

Not even Russia is defined as an "enemy country" of France, and this is because, for once, an NGO ship is diverted to a French port engaging some gendarmes or officials in Paris. One wonders what the next steps the Macron government will take: the invasion of Liguria? A surprise attack on the Navy base in La Spezia? The conquest of Valle d'Aosta (which France has already attempted).

It would be most appropriate for someone in Paris to stop taking current medications and turn to bromide, also because the famous "German franc" axis only functions as a lubricant for German growth, not for Paris. Italy certainly doesn't want to have enemies, but it can also do without false friends, especially when they define you as an "enemy" for having welcomed a migrant ferry, which they themselves directly or indirectly finance.

PS: what do the Farnesina and the Italian Embassy in Paris think of these words?

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