The French solution: 250 euros for a fake Green Pass….

The French solution to the obligation of the Green Pass and vaccination was easily found as Le Parisien explains . There are medical staff who are willing to see fake vaccination certificates sold for around 250 euros. Indeed, to tell the truth, he has already sold quite a few …

The newspaper reports that six people were placed under investigation Three suspects were indicted for "attacks on an automated data processing system in an organized gang, administrative falsification and possession of a forgery, aggravated money laundering and conspiracy" in a 'judicial investigation opened Wednesday by the cybercrime section of the Paris prosecutor's office, the judicial source said. Two other people were prosecuted for "administrative falsification and possession of forgery", while a sixth person was accused of "aggravated money laundering and criminal conspiracy". So, reading the accusations, it is an operation that relied on IT or healthcare operators able to manipulate data and insert names in the lists of vaccinated people, who then acted through intermediaries.

At least 400 people have been identified who used the trick and will now be contacted by the police. 25,000 euros in cash were seized from the home of one of the suspects. I allow myself to doubt that the names are only 400 and that there are no other operators willing to round up the not abundant salary by adding some names of some people. All correctly in the system, therefore difficult to identify if not almost impossible.

There is a risk of transforming the Green pass into a kind of forced donation not to the state, but directly to the operators …

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