The “great purge” of Twitter deleted at least 70,000 accounts. Q in the center of the viewfinder. BoA “There will be consequences”

Twitter welcomes its own purge, with accounts deleted, banned, permanently, and at best limited, " More than 70,000 accounts have been suspended ". What is the justification? " These accounts were engaged in large-scale sharing of malicious content associated with QAnon and were primarily dedicated to propagating this conspiracy theory through our services ."

With this statement we note two points:

  • at this point the followers of QAnon have practically declared themselves, and this seems one of the most colossal false flags enacted in history;
  • on the History Channel 40% of the programs are dedicated to alien theories or unlikely treasures. Yet no one has ever claimed that the Discovery channel, which owns it, is in the hands of an elite who believe in aliens. Freedom of thought and speech is based precisely on the freedom to present alternative explanations and then let everyone believe in what seems most likely. It will then be that Darwinian selection of ideas called "Hard Reality" to show who was right or wrong.

Instead, Twitter acted with the same delicacy Stalin used with the kulaks after the end of the NEP: it passed and killed everyone, taking freedom as a collateral victim. But social networks are born precisely to allow freedom of expression: if I delete it, I destroy their "Core Business". Bank of America noticed this and did the math …

Donald Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter, the sixth most followed account, and on Facebook he had over 33 million followers. President Trump's follower count represents 47% of Twitter's daily active users (SADs) (although clearly not all followers are SADs), with his account recording an average of 34 Tweets per day in 2020 (compared to to 21 of 2019).

The report goes on to note that attacking and deleting both Trump, both the GOP leaderships, and many active users is to give a very strong blow to the core business of Twitter, with the risk of negative repercussions on its listing. In fact, the shares of Twitter went from 54 Usd to 48 USD in 5 days, with a loss of more than 10%. You cannot think of sending customers or merchandise away and increasing your profit. It goes against the basic rules of business economics

How can you recover an ideologically marked social network? We await an evolution in the style of "Unity" in Italy.

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Twitter's The Great Purge article deleted at least 70,000 accounts. Q in the center of the viewfinder. BoA "There will be consequences" comes from .

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