“The GREAT RESET”: John Kerry says it is necessary “against populism”

Former Obama secretary of state, John Kerry, attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in which he said a “Great Reset” is urgently needed to stop the rise of populism.

Kerry promised that under a Biden administration, America would join the Paris climate agreement that kills work, but that this "was n't enough ".

" The notion of a reset is more important than ever," Kerry said.

Personally I think… we are at the dawn of an extremely exciting time. "

The former senator made it clear that this "reset", which is simply a rebranding of that " new world order " which has faced stiff resistance over the past two decades, and which is necessary to defeat populism, ie democracy.

"I think Europe has to look at this with Brexit and growing national populism, nationalist populism," Kerry said.

“Which is really one of the priorities we all have to address. You can't ignore it. "

Speaking about how Trump increased his vote in 2020, Kerry noted: “What amazes me is how many people have still voted for the level of chaos and violation of law and order and breaking standards and… I think, the reason behind this is something everyone has to look into ”.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also welcomed Biden's perspective as a "friend in the White House" to globalists and said the two entities will work on " a new regulation for the digital economy and society. digital ".

The need for global cooperation and this acceleration of change will both be the engines of the Great Reset. And I see it as an unprecedented opportunity , ”said von der Leyen.

As we have extensively documented, "The Great Reset" is simply the latest incarnation of the agenda to centralize power in the hands of a small elite, depriving Americans of the right to vote, lowering their living standards and forcing them to submit to a social credit score system that will eliminate all privacy and personal autonomy. Moreover, to be clear, how can a program that includes the most anti-democratic body in the world, namely the European Commission, be even vaguely democratic?

As we reported yesterday, mainstream media such as the New York Times continue to argue that the "Great Reset" is a "conspiracy theory" even as world leaders openly announce it, and even if it is part of official documentation. This targeted blindness should also make the hair stand on end.

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