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The links of Macron, the man of the mandatory vaccine, with Pfizer and Nestlé,

The current president Macron is known recently for having introduced an objective vaccination obligation for workers in health and assistance, and surreptitious for all others, through draconian bans on entering public places. This has led to protests in France, including mass protests, which we will see what they lead to.

You know that, at the beginning of his economic and political career, Macron had strong and fruitful contacts with one of the major vaccine manufacturers, namely Pfizer. To tell you about it, we refer to a 2017 article that presented the role of the future president between Rothschild, Nestlé and Pfizer.

Before joining the Rothschilds, the young Macron, who became a financial inspector after completing the National School of Administration (ENA), was hired in 2007 by economist Jacques Attali to join the Commission for the liberation of French growth. It was just created by the elected president, Nicolas Sarkozy, to suggest possible ways of reforming the economy.

In his job as deputy secretary he meets important people such as, the CEO of Axa (insurance) Claude Bébéar, the head of Areva (nuclear) Anne Lauvergeon, but also Peter Brabeck , then CEO of Nestlé .

The two men "continue to see each other once the relationship has been made public," observes Marc Endeweld in his book The Ambiguous Monsieur Macron. A relationship of trust is established between them, to the point that the Austrian proposes to Emmanuel Macron to join the French management of Nestlé ». But Macron refuses, because he has other goals.

The following year, Macron joins another commission, on the future of the legal professions, where he meets Hans Peter Frick, director of legal services at Nestlé.

Meanwhile, the ambitious young civil servant Macron has become a banker and not in a random place, but by the Rothschilds, who had employed the future president Georges Pompidou in the 1950s, and had close business relationships with Nicolas Sarkozy before the his election. We would say a lucky workplace.

Hired as manager, Emmanuel Macron became the youngest managing partner of the very powerful investment bank in December 2010. This does not prevent him from advising the socialist candidate François Hollande when he embarks on the presidential campaign.

We continue. In early 2012, American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer put its infant nutrition division up for sale. Nestlé is a candidate, as are the American Mead Johnson and the French Danone. The Swiss group turns to Rothschild & Cie to manage the deal. A success for Macron: Nestlé had never been a Rothschild customer.

Rothschild's direct competitors Lazard is following Danone, the runner-up. However, Macron has direct contact with Nestlé CEO Brabeck and often meets him directly.

In April Danone submitted a richer application to Pfizer than the others and is about to win. At this point Macron convinces Nestlé to increase its offer, also convincing the Swiss Board of Directors. In the end, the Swiss giant wins by offering Pfizer the rich sum of 11.9 billion dollars, and Macron gets a prize of one million euros. But even Pfizer does not complain about Macron's work, because he brings home a figure that he would never have thought of collecting and surely he will have been very grateful to the young man who, probably not at home, begins to think seriously about politics right after this. deal.

Today he makes a second huge gift to Pfizer.

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