The new digital professions 2021: what they are and how to make the most of them

There are many new digital professions born in the last year and a half, in this article we will find out what they are and how we can exploit them to our advantage.

Thanks to the great growth of digital commerce that has been seen in the last year and a half, several new digital professions have been born. Some of these professions already existed but were oblivious to most of us, while others were invented from scratch. So if you too are tired of your dependent life, of the work you do every day or you do not currently have a job and are looking for something new to do why not become a freelancer? A choice for many atypical but certainly today a real opportunity. In this article, therefore, we are going to find out what these new digital professions are and how to make the most of them whether we want to hire one of these professionals or if we want to become one of them, so you will find some inspiration for entrepreneurs and a guide on how to become freelance digital today.

What has changed in recent years?

The digital world in recent years has increasingly evolved and technology has easily and radically entered our lives. Today we all have a smartphone not only for convenience or trend but also for utility, the main banking, postal and national institutions services today are also and mainly provided through an app and without a suitable phone we cannot use it. It is not only this, however, we all know well how Covid-19 has changed our habits allowing online commerce to grow exponentially, this has meant that businesses of all kinds decide to open their website to sell their products. or services. This technological change and commercial change has seen over time the development of new digital professions, i.e. freelancers who are expert at providing online services that can help every user get what they are looking for or what they need. In the next paragraphs we will see which are the most popular professions online that we can exploit to our advantage.

SEO Expert – SEO Specialist

These two professions have developed over time thanks to the great importance that SEO has. SEO is a set of strategies that implemented in the right way can lead a website to success. What does the specialist do? It is behind the changes in search engines that work with specific algorithms that are constantly changing. It therefore deals with analyzing every single activity that can be applied and exploited to be able to reach the top of the SERPs. The higher we are in the SERPs, the more chances we have of achieving our goals and therefore a wider audience, thus amplifying our earnings. This professional figure is essential for any professional or company that wants to be present online and get to have a successful site. To become an SEO specialist there are courses to follow, books to read and a lot of experience to do. SEO is in fact a continuous evolution and the best specialists are the ones who never stop studying.

SEM specialist

Another very popular expert in the last period is the SEM specialist, that is the one who deals with improving the visibility of a brand, a business or a freelancer using advertising and tools such as Google Ads. It is therefore a professional to use when you have a budget to invest in online advertising. Also in this case different skills are required that are not generic but more specific such as the knowledge of the various advertising tools, the ability to perform market research, the ability to analyze statistics and data, the ability to write content that is attractive to users and stimulates to purchase. If you aim to become one of these professionals you will need to follow specific in-depth courses.

Community Manager

This professional represents the link between the brand and its target audience. If you have a website and are present on social networks you need someone to follow your users, interact with them and can answer their questions. It is very useful for a company or business to create a community that allows them to create surveys, create targeted advertising campaigns and much more. The community manager therefore takes care of managing the brand's channels on all social networks, groups, various pages and on the website. It also deals with creating content for newsletters and blogs that are always well targeted for the community, and also deals with creating events and initiatives that involve the website community. The added value that this professional can bring to your company is evident. If you want to become this professional, you will need to have marketing skills, be creative, have problem solving skills and have a lot of empathy.

E-commerce manager

And here is the professional who supports you in your daily work. If you are busy managing your business offline and therefore in your physical store, or you are busy with consultancy and services, you certainly cannot devote time to your e-commerce; so in these cases the professional who saves you is the e-commerce manager. This professional has all the skills to create a successful online shop, therefore identifies the market trend, organizes marketing campaigns, performs sales and profit analysis and is committed to ensuring that you can acquire new customers. To be able to carry out this profession you need skills in digital marketing and you will also need to know the various e-commerce platforms available online, among the most popular are Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce.

These are just some of the new professions that have been born on the market, there are in fact many others, each of which is specialized in a specific field. Digital is a booming sector mainly due to the pandemic and the restrictions that traders experience every day. So if you are looking for a professional to help you maximize your results online we recommend that you make sure you hire a truly competent person; if you want to learn a new digital profession, do not waste time because today there is a really strong demand in every sales sector.

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