The Nobel Prize in Economics to Satoshi Nakamoto? Are there any problems..

Bitcoin and the Blockchain were the fruit of the creation of a man or woman, still unknown, Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Charles Hoskinson, mathematician and founder of Cardano, a leading blockchain and virtual currency, Satoshi deserves a Nobel Prize in Economics for his contribution to humanity.

Satoshi is a pseudonym that the inventor of Bitcoin, who decided to use it to disguise his identity and make the blockchain something not tied to a single personality. Aliases are common on the internet, but when the invention is worth more than a trillion dollars, this is a rarity. Even more evident is that just a few years after Bitcoin's launch, it vanished into thin air, never to be heard again. Jimmy Song even believed it was a robot from the future.

In a recent interview, Hoskinson said he believes Satoshi deserves the Nobel Prize.

In fact, Hoskinson isn't the first person to nominate Satoshi for the Nobel Prize. In 2016, Dr. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Professor of Finance at UCLA, nominated Satoshi for the Award. Unfortunately, the Nobel Committee rejected the proposal, arguing that it could not award the prize to an anonymous recipient. In fact it is known that “ T he prize, as in this case, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize for economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel, is never awarded anonymously or posthumously. "

Dr. Chowdry said that the problem could be overcome by rewarding the Committee that leads the development of BTC and that the cash prize could be sent to Satoshi Nakamoto's last known BTC address. Not to mention that for example the brilliant Harold Thomas Finney II, or Hal Finney, the first to receive a transaction in Bitcoin and who may have been the person behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, died in 2014 of Multiple Sclerosis. An unfortunate life, for a brilliant man, who perhaps deserves some form of memory. Upon his death he left very little BTC because he had spent almost all of them on treatment.

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