The police stop and confront a group of heavily armed black men for “Dawn of the Moors”. Did you want BLM? Here is the result

An extremely dangerous event occurred on the East Coast night, as several sources, including CNN, report.

An armed standoff between the Massachusetts state police and "several gunmen to the teeth" took place on Interstate 95 and in surrounding wooded areas. The situation was so bad that the police had to call for the Interstate, with an impressive array of police

The men, all black, wore what Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason described as tactical vests and military-style uniforms, along with body cameras, and carried a mixture of rifles and handguns. The men indicated they were traveling from Rhode Island for "training," according to Mason.
Mason said in a press conference on Saturday morning that he was unaware of any specific requests from the group and that the negotiators had been busy with them to find out more.

The amazing thing is that these men, who call themselves "Rise of the Moor", present themselves as a sort of Moroccan nationalists, complete with a national flag, who believe it is legitimate to arm themselves and train, for the defense of its flag in the united states. If you don't believe it you can see this video with a lot of flag.

This group said it "does not recognize our laws," according to a statement from the Wakefield Police Department. The police had initially stopped the vehicles for a normal license check, but the "Rise of the Morrs" refused to show them. Then the "Armed Stall" started. They also tried to flee armed into the woods, but the attempt was blocked by the police.

In the end the stalemate ended peacefully with eleven arrests, but this event is significant of what is happening in the USA: the legitimacy of racial theories authorizes anyone to feel a nationalist of themselves, not to recognize common laws and to impose, with strength, one's superiority. From a society where racism was illegitimate, by dint of politically correct, we are moving to a hyper-racist society and beyond, racist and armed. Disruption and social self-destruction are just around the corner.

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