The Russia-China Alliance for the War in the East, in the White Book of the Chinese Defense Ministry

The Japanese defense ministry has published its own whitepaper on the function of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and on the strategic and tactical vision of the oriental theater. A very interesting document to understand how an essential player sees the evolution of this theater where the great world powers face each other directly.

Let's see some essential points of the document:

a) China and Russia: two sides of the same threat

Japan, also in the light of a series of statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and documents published by the Chinese Army (PLA), sees China and Russia as a single threat and therefore has prepared a defensive strategy that addresses them in a common way . The various common exercises, the technological integrations, did not go unnoticed.

b) The alliance with the USA absolutely central. The alliance with the USA remains central and can be seen both in the strategic collaboration and in the vision of the role of the USA in the area, and even in apparently secondary elements such as the development of the US bases in Jappone;

c) Taiwan essential element of the strategic balance in the area. Taiwan goes from being a part of relations with China to being seen in the context of US – Beijing relations. Tokyo knows very well that the strategic military balance is increasingly in favor of mainland China and that the next six years will be very important and could see a conflict to occupy the island state. Tokyo is counting on both Taipei's self-defense development and US intervention;

d) The absolute importance of technology in the defense of Japan. Tokyo's interest is essential in the technological sector, from anti-missile defense to that ranges to the control of advanced weapons also at the electromagnetic level, in this case above all in defense against drones.

e) Development of strategic relations with ASEAN countries, and with India. Japan intends to further tighten relations with those countries that see China as a threat, with ASEAN at the center, with a central role for Australia and a particular importance for India.

A very interesting document that shows what could be the next conflicts in the Far East, but which will also involve European countries. For the complete document read here .

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