The SpaceX Spaceship offers a great show… and it almost works (almost).

The first launch of the Spaceship did not go very well, and the second launch of the Spaceship 10 went… even worse. In the sense that it did not happen, but in a spectacular way. The third launch was a success, or almost….

The fuel had already been pumped into the ship and the countdown was over. The engines started and … Watch the video:

The engines were started, but a problem with the thrust of an engine, slightly below what expected, made everything go out in a cloud of smoke

So it was decided to retry the launch on the same day. This time the launch was a complete success, as well as the shutdown of one of the three engines, the general stop, the near-glide and the landing.

Is everything perfect then? Is Starship really ready to take man to Mars, as Elon Musk would like, perhaps using Russian nuclear engines once they are out of the atmosphere? Not really, because a few minutes after landing …

… The vector exploded spectacularly! Something hasn't worked out yet, because the blast on the ground is unlikely to be a show that Elon Musk wanted.

However, it is proven that Starship works, even if honestly I would not have much faith in getting on a capsule launched by this carrier. However, over time, what is still lacking in reliability can be developed

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