The Tokyo Olympics? To be canceled. The results of a survey in Japan put the demonstration in doubt

Two new polls indicate that more than 80% of respondents in Japan think that the next Summer Olympics in Japan, scheduled for this year, should be canceled or postponed, the Associated Press reported. The Olympics were supposed to be held in 2020, but have been postponed due to Covid-1.

The polls were conducted by Japan's Kyodo news agency and TBS, the Tokyo Broadcasting System, the TBS poll asked 1,261 people if the Olympics can be held this year as COVID-19 continues to spread. Only 13% answered "yes", while 81% answered "no", an increase of 18% compared to a similar poll in December.

The Olympics are expected to open on July 23, when 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes will enter the country. Additionally, tens of thousands of "coaches, judges, officials, VIPs, sponsors, media and broadcasters" are likely to attend, although it is unclear whether overseas fans – or even local fans – will be able to attend.

Kyodo similarly found that 80.1% of respondents out of 715 randomly chosen families said the Olympics should be rescheduled or canceled, up from 63% who gave the same answer in December.

Japan officially spends $ 15.4 billion to hold the Olympics, although several government audits show that the real figure will be around $ 25 billion. Of this money, only 6.7 billion come from private individuals, the rest is public money, in a country with a debt of 235%, but which obviously finds the resources itself. We instead discuss MES and RRF … ..

The postponement would put the IOC, the international Olympic committee, in difficulty, which derives most of its revenue, 91%, from the sale of the television rights of the event. For example, the American network NBC signed a $ 4.38 billion contract with the IOC in 2011 to broadcast four Olympics, including Tokyo.

That said, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said he is confident that the Olympics will be held regularly, but the government is not insensitive to its electorate. In this too, Japan is not Italy. At this moment Tokyo is undergoing a wave of infections, even if the dead have been few, compared to the population: about 3600, out of 126 million inhabitants.

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