The UK doubles its VAT aid. Another 3.5 billion euros

As the risk of a second lockdown approaches, Her Majesty's government decides to take action in favor of small companies and Rishi Sunak , Chancellor of the Exchequer, announces the doubling of aid for VAT and self-employed workers. The government will therefore allocate an additional 3.1 billion pounds, equal to 3.5 billion euros, which will go into direct aid to small businesses or sole proprietors.

Announcing these measures Rishi Sunak said "This is potential aid for an additional £ 3.1 billion in support for the self-employed from November to January alone, with an additional grant to follow from February to April."

“So far during this crisis we have now provided over £ 13 billion in support to the self-employed, sole proprietorships, small businesses and the self-employed are the dynamic entrepreneurial heart of our economy. And this government is on their side. "

It almost looks like Italy, doesn't it? In Italy, have they doubled aid to self-employed workers, or not? I think the latter is more likely. Covid-19, at the request of the health system and public opinion, requires closures that damage specific sectors. since this happens in the public interest it is necessary that the State intervenes DIRECTLY by reimbursing these categories in an approximate but substantial way. This has not been done to us until now, except on promises.

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