The US Department of Justice ready to sue Alphabet / Google for violation of the Antitrust

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is reportedly preparing to sue Alphabet Inc.'s Google in an antitrust lawsuit over its alleged monopoly over the digital advertising market, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

Google's dominance of the online advertising space and web search market has come under fire from the DOJ, and this would be the second federal antitrust complaint filed against the tech giant .

The sources said the DOJ could file the lawsuit in federal court later this week. The lawsuit would allege violations of antitrust laws as Google maintains its dominance of the digital advertising market. The DOJ has hit Google in 2022 with a lawsuit over its online search monopoly, which goes to trial in September.

The upcoming lawsuit would be the fifth major lawsuit against the California tech giant. The US Attorneys General filed three separate lawsuits over the company's dominance of advertising, online search and applications on the Android mobile platform.

The lawsuit will focus on Google's advertising business, which accounts for 80% of its business. The company's advertising practices have caused many online newspapers and publishers to lose advertising revenue.

In 2021, the Daily Mail sued the advertising giant's monopoly on the sale of online advertising space, which resulted in very little revenue for the publisher.

The lack of competition for publisher inventory depresses prices and reduces the quantity and quality of news available to readers, but Google ends up with the advantage because it controls a growing share of remaining advertising space ,” the lawsuit reads.

The mere fact that Google is a monopolistic guardian of the Internet has led to anti-competitive tactics that have squashed all the competition.

What needs to happen is for Google's ecosystem of interconnected monopolies to be broken up to allow competitors to grow the internet; otherwise, the company is just stifling progress in the online space.

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