The US would have taken 92 billion dollars of Syrian oil away

This April 4, 2018 photo shows a convoy of oil trucks passinf a Kurdish police (Assayesh) checkpoint, as they moving fuel produced in Kurdish-held areas in the east to other areas controlled by the same US-backed group to the west, on a highway in Hassakeh province, Syria. Since the Syrian government left the predominantly Kurdish area in northern Syria, the Syrian Kurds have been in control of some of the country's largest oil fields in Hassakeh province in the northeast starting in 2013. Many former government employees stayed on, and their salaries continued. (AP Photo / Hussein Malla)

Syrian Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Bassam Tohme said Thursday that total losses in Syria's direct and indirect oil sector exceeded $ 92 billion.

The Syrian minister said in statements to state television channel Al-Ikhbariya (and later translated into Iranian state media) that areas under the control of the United States and its allied forces contain more than 90% of Syria's oil reserves.

He stated that " Americans and their followers are acting like pirates in targeting Syrian oil wealth and supply ships ."

Tohme said the US was deliberately preventing the Syrian government from benefiting from oil reserves within the country.

The oil minister added that Syrian waters are "qualified in terms of oil reserves, but what distinguishes exploration contracts is that they are expensive and are long-term", stressing that "there is a promising oil future in those waters, and the issue needs calm and stable logistical conditions “.

The US military and its allies of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) currently control the Al-Umar oil fields, the largest oil fields in Syria, which they captured from the Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL / IS / Daesh) during the campaign in the eastern part of the country on the border with Iraq.

To make matters worse, Syria is currently witnessing a fuel crisis, following a new price hike for 90 and 95 octane gasoline.

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