The victory of Pirro of the Commission over Astra Zeneca. No offense to the king of Epirus ..

We have the first ruling in the European Commission's case against Astra Zeneca. Von Der Leyen talks about Vittoria , but, if we are good, we could define it as a Pyrrhic victory. If we are bad we change two letters to the name of the king of Epirus.

What the ruling establishes, which is only provisional: it has ordered the drug manufacturer to deliver 50 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine between now and the end of September, or pay a fine of 10 euros per delayed dose.

With the 30 million doses delivered by the pharmaceutical company at the end of March, the ruling requires the company to deliver a total of 80 million doses by September 27, under penalty of a fine of up to 500 million euros. When the Commission started the lawsuit in March, it had asked for 120 million by the end of June.

The court has mediated, but this does not prevent Von Der Leyen from claiming victory. A useless song, given the latest evolutions:

  • in various countries, including Italy, the vaccine is no longer injected to children under 60, after various cases of adverse reactions. In Denmark it is completely prohibited. Given that we have now advanced on vaccinating mature people and that they too are wary of the Anglo-Swedish product (see cancellations in Naples, for example), what do we do with it?
  • the times and quantities are much more diluted than the Commission's request;
  • Astra Zeneca is much less effective against the 'Delta' or 'Indian' variant, the one which, for example, is almost the only one currently in use in the UK. What do we do with this vaccine?

So Astra Zeneca will surely sell another 50 million doses of the vaccine. A favor done to the Big Phama by this ruling. Yet another sign of the Commission's inability, because it was confirmed that there was no obligation or strict deadline for delivery. A Pyrrhic victory, or a half defeat.

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