They tell us a lot of balls. Out of sloppiness and thirst for power they lie and ignore reality

The day before yesterday there would have been a record of deaths from Covid-19: 993. An impressive figure, but is it true? NO. The data shows 128 Lombard deaths which, in reality, are to be carried over to the previous 7 days and which had not been counted. The true number of deaths of the day is equal to 865. A similar problem had occurred in recent days with Friuli Venezia Giulia, albeit to a lesser extent.

A figure like the deaths should be certain, immutable, but in Italy it has become a kind of joke. Also because the criterion is different from that used in the rest of Europe. in Germany there are no swabs of the dead to see if the cause was covid while in Italy deaths with covid are also considered to be deaths from other pathologies or random events. Deputy Minister Sileri, who is, if nothing else, a doctor is also aware of this.

Sileri also realized that covid-19 data as it is distributed is FALSE and only serves to sow fear and chaos. We need to know those who are the real dead from Covid-19, not those who have had an accident while, asymptomatic, they did not even know they were sick.

But the lies aren't limited to counting the dead. Why has the ISS prepared such an incomplete protocol? why did he not use the experiences of the doctors who are actually treating Covid-19 successfully in Italy? The RadioRadio video presents the experience of a group of doctors who truly cure Covid, who do not send people to hospital, but who do not follow the flawed ISS protocol.

Why have superficial and erroneous indications been given? Isn't it trying to keep the Covid.19 threat as active as possible in order to govern in an undemocratic and non-constitutional way through the DPCM?

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