They wanted political government…. until they realized that Salvini would be minister

A quick political comment on the fluid situation unfolding before our eyes right now. Let us assume that the Draghi government still does not exist, neither from a formal point of view, nor from a substantial one. If the consultations are held with reservations, it is precisely because the still uncertain situation prevents the reservation from being dissolved, and the names of the ministers and the program are still missing. for now the newspapers talk about the air or a little more. But there is something funny to say.

M5s and PD have left in a hurry asking for the "Political" government, that is, with the presence of political ministers, and this for three reasons:

a) place some “Cadrega seekers”;

b) give a sense, even minimal, to one's own political existence, so essential for the PD that it exists only in so far as it occupies power;

c) to put the League in difficulty with indigestible political ministers.

But the devil makes the pots and not the lids: if the government is "Political" then there must be a "Political" minister of the League, as well as of Forza Italia. Now if FI sees the two main figures engaged as European parliamentarians, Berlusconi and Tajani, therefore in a position incompatible with that of Minister of the Italian Republic, and with Berlusconi in not very good shape, the Lega has a nice senator to propose as minister and big political weight: Matteo Salvini.

The parent company Molinari also said it clearly in an interview: if the government is a "Political", nothing prevents Salvini from being its minister. Among other things, the figure of the leader of the League is such that they could even put him as Minister for Sport and he would be able to monopolize government communication and its image. There is no personality in the opposition, not even merging two or three of them together, capable of contrasting that of Salvini in terms of notoriety and direct relationship with the population. At this point here is the panic in the PD and in the M5s! the political government would be the Draghi-Salvini government! Reverse with full force and try to create a government that does not have Salvini as a minister, therefore a government without politicians, that is technical.

We don't know how this story will end, but it's still getting a lot of fun. We are still waiting for Rousseau's farce-vote, of 100,000 people (perhaps, if they all voted…) selected from the platform managed by Casaleggio and then we will see the next political steps. I am convinced that the platform will give yes, if only because it was able, without a shot being fired, to vote, after just over a year, the government with the League and its perfect opposite. However, if he were to vote against, I think that the same MPs and senators of the M5s will make a different decision.

In the next 48 hours we will see what happens.

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