Three Seas initiative, or the real opposition to Nord Stream and the Russian-German alliance

The Nord Stream 2 is drawing to a close with the approval of Biden as well, the last surrender of a president who remembers the worst Carte with every passing day. We still need to take the US embassy hostage in Kabul and the parallel would be perfect.

The surrender was conditioned, even if the conditions are quite light, if not laughable. given that Ukraine and Poland are the countries closest to US and NATO positions in Eastern Europe, which have sacrificed much to become Russian containment bulwarks. The sop is evident in the press release issued by the German Foreign Ministry and reported by the good Musso

Germany, her goodness, has undertaken to ensure a minimum transit of methane in the pipelines that pass through Ukraine and Poland, guaranteeing a minimum income also to these countries, and then committing itself to their "Energy Transition", that is, to make them less dependent on fossil sources. This is of little or no interest to Kiev, which instead would prefer the two billion cash rights of way. In addition, Germany has made a commitment to ensure that "the whole EU" is committed to helping Ukraine with greater use of gas, which humiliates and reduces other countries to colonial status.

Precisely this excessive power of Germany at EU level, especially not counterbalanced by the UK, requires a balance. With France in self-destruction, thanks to Macron and Italy not received, the rebalancing could only come from the countries of the former Soviet bloc, those that were able to enter the EU only after the founders.

Here was born in 2015 the "Three Seas Initiative", the Three Seas Initiative, which are to be understood as the Baltic, the Black Sea and the Adriatic. A coalition of countries ranging from the Baltics to Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

It is an informal group that has as its objective the economic collaboration and infrastructural development in the area. Many of these weights correspond to the B9 group (Bucharest Nine) which includes nine countries of the former Warsaw Pact that collaborate closely within NATO in the standardization of procedures.

These countries are also the first line in the confrontation with Russia and are the ones most interested in supporting Ukraine, precisely in an anti-Russian function. Among these countries an important role is recognized to Poland, a small leader in the area that traditionally tries to return to its 17th century greatness, that of Giovanni Sobieski, who saved Vienna from the Turks.

This coalition, which is also developing its own autonomous investment bank, with direct help from the US, is obviously the major counterpart to the Franco-German bloc, which is increasingly in crisis. His interests are infrastructural, on the north-south axis, and in the energy sector, in this case opposed to the diktats of Berlin, those who created the "Green Deal",

This block, with its contradictions, is opposed to Nord Stream 2 Germany and also proposes itself militarily as the only possible foothold for Ukraine. It is also the bloc that is genuinely interested in the evolution of the situation in Belarus. The historical evolution of a multi – secular conflict between the powers of the East, Catholic Poland, with its area of ​​influence, and the orthodox Russia of the third Rome.

In the 18th century, Poland was torn apart by an agreement between Prussia, Austria and Russia. Will it be the same today?

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