Tomorrow 2 million workers without a green pass. Chaos in Turin at the Pharmacy. Congratulations to those who organized all this

According to the CGIA of Mestre , and consistent with what has already been written several times in this blog, tomorrow two million workers will show up for work without the green pass in order, or they will not even go to work. After all, even Repubblica notes that there is chaos in front of some pharmacies, complete with police intervention to tidy up the queues.

About a month ago we pointed out that it would not be possible to bring the workers in order, even if we wanted to. With 2.5 to 3 million unvaccinated workers, it takes 1.25 to 1.5 million tampons every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. On Sundays the pharmacies are closed, apart from those on duty, where long lines have gathered that, in Turin, led to the intervention of the police to keep the queues under control. The regional hotspots have been opened, but only for a fee, without information, so much so that they have only done 180 tests, that is nothing!

Today the news broadcasts praised the "Boom" in vaccinations with the Green Pass. In short, we continue with the enormous deception, the mockery, which makes it impossible in tests to push vaccination. Where does the freedom of vaccination choice go? In the garbage can, together with information and freedom of choice.

Here it is not a question of being pro vax or no vax, but of voluntarily causing chaos with tests for issues bordering on the subversive. At this point it would be almost more correct, really, to put the vaccination obligation, taking direct responsibility for the adverse effects, all of them, and for the protests and vaccination objectors with various reasons. A government with the left is always a government that is cowardly in its decisions and brutal in its repressions. Now even the foreign newspapers are so confused as to speak of " Obligation vaccinal and" when, at least in appearance, they are not. It is just a big, huge, deception towards everyone:

  • towards the vaccinated, many of them reluctantly, who feel they have been abused in many cases;
  • towards the unvaccinated, who are forced into an absurd obligation;
  • towards the little bit of trust and truth left in Italy.

I am now speechless, really tired of this situation. I would also like to know your feelings, because mine are of deep disgust. Even a fool would have understood that the green pass would have been a disaster, but we continue to run towards disaster, indeed, we do a test of strength on it.

The only thing that amazes me is the patience of the citizens.

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