Trump: If the revelations are true, the Chief of Staff should be tried for high treason

In the United States yet another scandal involving the military leaders is breaking out, after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Let's explain the story calmly: according to a new book by Bob Woodword and Robert Costa of the Washington Post, the Chief of Joint Staff Mark Milley had engaged in a "top-secret" mission to sabotage President Trump's ability to launch military attacks or nuclear power after January 6, 2021. He practically gave an indication not to accept any order that did not come from him, objectively blowing up the entire chain of command and carrying out a small coup. As if that weren't enough, according to Woodward and Costa themselves, Miley called her Chinese parigrade, informed him of the situation and told him she would warn him in the event of an American attack.

If this is not a betrayal, it is not clear what it can be. When the news about the contents of the book was released by CNN, the answers were obviously indignant. Imagine if the German chief of staff who sent a message similar to his English equivalent in 1939, what happened to it. Or if such an act had been done against the Soviets during the Cold War, where would this general have ended up. On the contrary, it seems normal that it happens in the 21st century.

Trump took the news almost well. As you can see from his release at the opening of the article, he replied with a touch of irony:

  • Miley has already proved incapable of leaving billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and that would be enough to blow their minds;
  • Trump does not believe that what Woodward and Costa say is true, so much so that he denied them an interview;
  • obviously, if it were true or likely, Miley would have to be tried for treason of the nation;
  • however Trump never thought of attacking anyone, including China.

However, Miley is now widely contested in the same ranks of the US military. These rumors of betrayal add to those of inability. There are generals sent home for a lot less, but he has Biden's backing so he'll be doing damage in his place. By the way, if the Chinese attack Taiwan tomorrow, which side would it be on?

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